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That Wellbeing Curriculum

A curriculum to grow, develop and embed wellbeing for pupils in Years 5, 6, 7 and 8.

So what does it include?

• 12 lesson plans

• 12 PowerPoint presentations

• A full knowledge overview

• Pre and post course self-assessments for children

-Aimed at children in Years 5, 6, 7 and 8

-Can be delivered monthly over a year or in blocks

• Split into 6 themes (Flourishing, Happiness, Relationships, Resilience, Connections and Change)

• Children will develop their own personal wellbeing by learning how to be their best self, be happier, understand their own emotions, build relationships and develop a growth mindset attitude

• The ONLY curriculum available to purchase that will teach and empower children on how to live their best life every day

What will children learn?

Lesson 1

Understand how their thoughts and feelings shape their experience of the world.
Lesson 2

Identify areas of control, influence and concern in their lives. 

Lesson 3

Describe the potential impact of social media on their lives now and in the future.
Lesson 4

Understand the influence they can have on their own happiness. 

Lesson 5

Know that their response to events will influence the outcome.
Lesson 6

Identify their own personality type and how it can affect their relationships with others. 

Lesson 7

Understand how feelings and emotions can affect us and help us to bounce forward.
Lesson 8

Know how to build motivation and endurance. 

Lesson 9

Know how to identify your purpose in life.
Lesson 10

Know how to reach a positive state by using intentional strategies.

Lesson 11

Identify actions in order to achieve Huge Unbelievably Great Goals.
Lesson 12

Understand the compounding power of practice.

Preview lesson.PNG


If you order the curriculum now – you will also receive a FREE audiobook entitled “Five to thrive as a teacher“. Which you can freely share amongst your colleagues at school. 

Terms and conditions
One purchase is a purchase of one licence. It is not permitted to share, copy, alter or reproduce the documents in any way. 

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