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What? How? Why?

We need to know the WHY of school life.

Nearly every teacher knows WHAT they are teaching, preparing, making, or doing.

Most teachers know HOW they will teach, prepare, make or do it.

But my big question is always: Do they know WHY they are teaching, preparing, making or doing whatever they are doing?

Asking the question WHY? is a good thing to do. No matter what your position in the organisation, it is acceptable to ask WHY do we this, or WHY do we do this in this particular way?

It clarifies expectations and should align actions back to visions and values.

Sometimes when we ask WHY? The reason is "Because that is what we have always done" or "that's just how the previous teacher did it."

If that's so, then we need to reclarify the WHY.

Take a display board, or an adult writing in a child's book, or teaching phonics or spellings. We know WHAT it is and HOW we do it. But do we know WHY we do it?

Knowing the WHY can join the dots for the children and the staff.

👉🏻"You are learning this in phonics today to help you when you are independently reading your book."

👉🏻"You are learning this spelling pattern today so you can improve the quality of your writing in other lessons."

👉🏻"This display is here to show you good examples of writing and to remind you of the ingredients you need to be successful."

"Today you will be learning ______. The reason you are learning this is so you _____."

Not only does this articulate the WHY - but it also articulates the coherency and sequencing of children's learning.

Knowing and articulating the WHY comes back to being really clear about your intent, implementation and impact of any initiative.

The clear thinking about the detail is what separates a good initiative or action of any kind and a fantastic one.


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