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What are you staff levels of engagement like?

If you truly asked your staff, what would they say about their levels of engagement?

SURVIVAL - disengaged

I'm here for the money

I'll leave when I can

I'm not satisfied with the job I do

My work doesn't excite me

I work to rule

I watch the clock

SECURITY - not engaged

I have more sick days than I should

I have poor working conditions

I don't like my line manager

I don't like working with my colleagues

I don't like my job - but I get on with it

I regularly look at job adverts

BELONGING - somewhat engaged

I know I am part of something bigger

I am almost engaged - but there are times I am not

I am somewhat proud to work here - but would not announce it to the world

I might leave if I am tempted

There are no career development prospects here

ESTEEM - engaged

I am a vital part of the school

I feel important in my role

Leaders and colleagues genuinely care about me

I would only leave if something better came along

SELF-ACTUALISATION - highly engaged

What can I do for others?

I inspire and energise others to do their best

I love working here

I am challenged and supported to be my best self every day


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