School wellbeing cultures

A school wellbeing culture is a place where people can feel safe, be happy and can thrive.

I want to see and hear some of the following:

👉🏻Staff sitting in circles to communicate more freely and openly

👉🏻Short, sharp, energetic bursts of two-way communication (so staff not continually talked AT by others)

👉🏻Active listening, good eye contact and no interrupting

👉🏻High rates of equal conversation where all staff members, no matter their role, are contributing

👉🏻Challenging questions being posed to promote growth

👉🏻Small but sustained moments of kindness (saying thank you, offering drinks, helping with doors…)


A wellbeing culture isn’t just a place where people are ’nice’ to each other.

By aligning relationships towards a shared goal, we are reinforcing two key messages.

1. We care about each other

2. We are connected to each other

School culture isn’t easy. But it has to be worth it.


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