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Life isn’t a race

It is OK to ask for help.

Everyone struggles, despite how they appear to the world.

They could be smiling but are actually crying inside. Your idols are as nervous about doing well day today as you are.

Successful people have experienced the struggle to get where they are today.

You should celebrate even the small wins, not just the big wins.

The personality you put out to the world is the kind of person you will attract back. If you are putting out a fake you, you will attract people who aren't being true to themselves either.

The comments of haters reflect more about them than they do about you.

We're all human – forgive yourself for feeling down or making mistakes.

If I’m pedestalising someone, I should equally balance that with the things I’ve done well.

You've probably achieved more than you think if you go back and look at all the things you’ve done in your life.

A lot of people have an unrealistic expectation of how well they should be doing.

It’s never a weakness to ask for help.


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