Fruit isn’t the answer

You can change the layout of your staff room. You can add expensive and comfortable furniture. You can regularly put fresh fruit out in a bowl. You can buy a coffee machine.

These things are all great.

But they won’t do anything to change your organisational culture. They won’t help staff to manage their workload. They won’t enable staff to be well placed for future challenges.

The behaviour of the leaders has to change.

Staff follow and copy the behaviour of their leaders. Both the good and bad behaviour.

Here comes a football example.

Sir Alex Ferguson talked about Manchester United being a family, a community and having a legacy. The players followed suit in how they talked about the club.

Jose Mourinho blamed players, argued with fans and fell out with club staff. The players’ attitude to how they played reflected this.

Ultimately, any mood in any organisation (and school), is set by the leaders.


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