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Do you have a wellbeing policy?

After talking online to some school leaders and wellbeing leads over the past two weeks - I’ve noticed something.

A lot of schools don’t have a wellbeing policy.

A lot of staff don’t know if their school has a wellbeing policy.

And if the school does have a wellbeing policy, it is all about what to do and what happens when someone needs help and support.

Whilst this is absolutely necessary, there is something missing which is supplementary.

This alone is a focus on what to do reactively when someone is unwell. It could even be described as an “unwellbeing policy”.

The same for safeguarding and child protection - the former is the steps we take to prevent harm and the latter is the steps we take to respond to harm.

We need to think about wellbeing in the same way.

The traditional wellbeing policy and/or approach tends to be the way we respond to “unwellbeing”.

What we need now is the steps we take to prevent unwellbeing and promote wellbeing.

👉🏻What do we do every day to promote comfort, health, happiness, freedom and ease?

👉🏻How do organisational rituals and routines embed this?

👉🏻How do our living relationships promote this?

👉🏻How does our focus on what’s important transmit this message to staff?

👉🏻If it’s an off target focus, what unintended and accidental consequences are we creating?

If we want to put wellbeing high on the agenda and really see a change - these are the questions to ask.


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