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Common ethos and shared values

If we want to ensure wellbeing for staff, then we need to start off with the position of the school.

Start by asking a good question. What’s the culture like?

But first - what is ‘culture’?

When we say “it’s the way we do things around here” - I think that’s a little too surface level.

Culture is a set of living relationships aligned towards a shared goal.

A school needs a common ethos and shared values to underpin everything that is done.

So how will we prove to ourselves everyday with our small behaviours that our ethos is commonly owned and that values are widely shared?

We need to tell stories about the school.

E.g. In a staff briefing we might say:

“At lunchtime yesterday, I noticed Alison (an LSA) helping a girl who fell over on the playground on her first day at her new school. She got down to her level, comforted her and reassured her that everyone was going to be alright.

That small moment of kindness reminded me of the quality and care that the staff in this school provide for our children.

This is an exciting journey and I’m proud to have you join me on it. Thank you for helping me take another small step towards where we want to be.”

The message is reinforced drip by drip, day by day.

But it compounds.


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