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That Headteacher's Report
and Self-Evaluation

A fully comprehensive report that will help governors understand school performance - and enable headteachers to drive school improvement forward.


What is 'That Headteacher's Report' and Self-Evaluation?

I know of many headteachers who struggle to know what to include in their termly report, how to make it accessible for governors, and are unsure how it can be useful after it has been written. 

A similar issue applies to self-evaluation. I know of many headteachers who write a detailed narrative as part of their self-evaluation - this is time-consuming, overwhelming and makes next steps confusing.

I have spent the last three years designing, testing and improving this template. It provides clear and key information to governors, enables comparison to national averages, and can be used to inform future school development initiatives. 

This report is pre-populated with the most up to date national data. It will be updated and available for purchase on an annual basis.

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The Quick Overview...


That Headteacher's Report and Self-Evaluation is designed to give you everything you need and nothing you don't.

Here are some of the benefits:

* Save hours of time in writing your report with the clear and simple to use template.

* Clear national comparisons and benchmarking to realistically self-evaluate against the national picture.

* Input your basic data and let the document compare, colour code and calculate for you.

* Self-evaluate against the areas in the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework 2019.

* Enables you to make data-driven decisions to take action steps and improve your school.

Bonuses if you buy today...


You will also recieve:

 * 3 year strategic and operational overview plan template

* School Development Plan Stakeholder Overview

* A3 School Development Plan Summary

* In-depth data report template

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school development plan.png
school development plan summary.png
data report.png

Place your order for That Headteacher's Report and Self-Evaluation TODAY...


In short, That Headteacher's report and Self-Evaluation will both keep your school development actions on track and make reporting to your governors a breeze. You can do it all in one multipurpose document. No need to have multiple documents kept in more than one place. No need to ever use another template or report ever again.

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