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Transform your school culture from the inside-out with a comprehensive online wellbeing CPD for all school staff.

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Why do we need it?


The world has changed. Now, so must education.

Currently, there is a lot of talk in education about recovery. This is important not just in terms of children’s academic learning – but also the general wellbeing of a whole school community.

In a post-lockdown world where schools are trying to resume ‘normality’, we have to make sure that staff are suitably prepared to not just survive in the ‘new abnormal’ – but thrive.

You can use the content within That Wellbeing Vault all in one go over the course of an INSET Day – or visit it in regular intervals throughout the year. You can make it work for you, your staff and your school.

What is That Wellbeing Vault?


That Wellbeing Vault is an annual subscription online platform where your school can access high quality wellbeing CPD which will recharge, reenergise and refocus your staff so they can thrive and be well placed for future challenges.

It includes:

Over 6 hours of CPD video content. This is all (and more) of the content delivered on a full That Wellbeing Guy INSET Day.

Direct delivery from That Wellbeing Guy. All videos are led by Simon Bolger. He is a former headteacher who now uses his expertise to help schools grow, develop and embed wellbeing across their school community. His delivery has been described as “Inspirational, positive and uplifting.”

Activities and directed discussion for each video. There are prompts, immediate discussion and takeaway activities for each video which will enable the new learning to be embedded. The reflection activities will offer staff an opportunity to challenge their current thinking about their professional and personal lives.

A structured approach to an ongoing programme of wellbeing CPD. The videos are all around 60 minutes in length. This means staff teams can work through the content together in short bursts over the course of days, weeks or months. The choice is yours to make.

Sample of content you will receive.

What content is covered?


That Wellbeing Vault will enable your staff to learn:

What wellbeing, positivity and happiness is and isn’t. We explore what negativity is, where it comes from, why it exists and how we can deal with it.

How to challenge (and change) low-level negativity in school. We will look at how to create a culture of embedded positivity.

How daily and automatic habits and routines shape our life. Staff are challenged to stop, think, pause and reflect on whether there could be a different (better) way.

The impact of stress. We will find out about the difference between good and fake stress.

How to understand your impact. How we can flourish, how our internal world can create an external world where we are full of vigour, vitality and energy.

The power of gratitude. It is the foundation for happiness. Living a life of appreciation rather than expectation can change the way we feel about everything.

The relationship between thoughts and feelings. You will also discover how to build positivity as a habit.

Strategies to stop emotional hijacking. You will learn how to get a better perspective of the challenges you face, how emotions can hijack your behaviours with sometimes disastrous consequences, and how to manage your internal emotional hijackers.

The ‘Ten to Zen’. Ten actionable strategies that can help us survive and thrive in changing, challenging and uncertain times. They involve botheredness, kindness, how to be a superhero, seagulls, rubbish trucks, a family of pigs, managing our digital diet, what we can learn from the Ritz Hotel, and the power of our relationships with others.

How to lead a wellbeing culture. Your school culture is a set of living relationships aligned towards a shared goal. Find out how to design it so your school is consistently in ‘Flamingo Mode’.

…and much more.



We offer a simple and straightforward annual subscription for schools. 


£500 +VAT for one school's annual subscription



How do we access the vault?

Once you have successfully purchased subscription to the vault, you will receive a password to login.


What can we access?

You will be able to access all the content listed above. In total, it is over 6 hours of high quality CPD for staff.


Do we need to be connected to the internet to watch the videos?

Yes. Everything is hosted through the vault webpage. 


Can we download the videos?

No. You need to be subscribed and logged in to be able to view the content.


Will any new content be added?

Yes. At regular intervals throughout the year, new videos will be added to the vault member area.


Is the price the same for all schools?

Yes. We want this to be the best value CPD your school can invest in.


How do we renew our subscription?

We will be in touch with you six weeks before your renewal date to make arrangements for your new subscription. 


How do we cancel?

If you don't want to continue your annual subscription then simply let us know - and your access will end one year after subscribing. 


Can we get a refund?

Due to the way schools are able to access the vault, we cannot offer a refund at any time after subscription has been purchased. If you are having any issues with the vault, simply get in touch so we can help you. 

Ready to subscribe?

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